The Right Muslim Women to Seek Employment

muslim women seeking employment

In today’s world, many societies only value the women if they perform the functions of man and display her feminine attractions to public. These women are also given the immense responsibility of bearing and rearing children. In short, today’s woman is given responsibility of looking after and earning bread and butter for home. She is also been exploited in the name of so called freedom which is in fact a freedom for men accessing women easily. Woman has to bear more burden than a man in society in name of gender equality. Failed marriages and emotionally distraught children are increasing in number due to gender role differentiation.

Islam values the importance of woman in society but it considers importance of woman in society in a way which is different than modern way discussed above. Regardless of race, color, gender or any other criteria the superiority is Islam is only based on faith , obedience and fear of Allah SWT. Islam clearly demarcates the boundary between the responsibilities of each gender. Allah SWT has entrusted woman for most important duty which is compatible to her.

Nevertheless, Islam is a practical religion, and understands conditions and situations of life. There are many situations in woman may need or want to work.  There is common misconception about Islam that it prohibits women from working outside but in real it does not stops women from working but it stipulate some restrictions to save women from exploitation and safeguarding her honor and dignity. Some conditions for muslim women seeking employment is given below.

  1. Outside employment should not come before, or seriously interfere with her responsibilities as wife and mother.
  2. She should work with her husband or guardian consent and mutual understanding of family so that he job or work may not cause friction within the family.
  3. She should follow Islam in her manners, appearance and overall behavior. This includes wearing proper dress with does not violate “Purdah”, not indulge in futile activities and avoid provocative behavior with strange men.
  4. She should choose a wise job which suits her honor and dignity and does not violate values of Islam and society .
  5. She should avoid jobs which involve mixing and associating with women.
  6. She should seek employment in jobs which require special skills related to need of women and children such as teaching, nursing, midwifery, medicine with specialization’s like pediatric or obstetrics-gynecology.

muslim teacher

The Right Muslim Women to Seek Employment

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