Moral Values for Our Childern

As a parent it is our responsibility to make our kids responsible and characterful Muslims. Parent are first example in front of kids, kids follow actions and conduct of their parent. It parent duty to educate kids not simply by telling them about good habit but they should act as responsible and characterful parents. According to Islam we’ll be subjected to questioning about those who are under our care. At least we are caretaker of kids so we will be held responsible for them.So it is our duty to up bring our kids in better way and teach them good manners. Here are some sole traits which we must develop in our kids.

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The first and most important characteristic we must develop in our children is honesty.  Some time parent are so strict that children are afraid of telling them their wrongdoings. So to escape from situation they find way in telling lie. As a parent we should give enough trust to our kids so that they can speak truth in all conditions and we should encourage them doing so.


Obedience is index trait of Muslims. We all Muslims are always very obedient to Our Allah Almighty. We must also develop this trait in our kids so that they can be obedient to Allah. We also make them obedient towards parents, teachers,  elders and noble people. As a parent we should give our kids latitude but we also bound them in limit by enforcing obedience through proper rewards and sanctions.


We should teach our children respect for others and authority. Our kids must be very respectful to all religions, cultures and beliefs. They way we up bring our children is reflected in their conduct. The more we be respectful and mannerly we will be able to see these qualities in our kids too.


We should start giving responsibility too our kids in young age. We can develop their interest in performing small tasks and chores in the home and we should encourage them for their work. This will create maturity and confidence in kids to take up responsibilities. With the age our kids will be maintaining their selves, taking care of their possessions and they will grow up more disciplined and responsible.

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Among the courtesies and good manners politeness is best reflection of a refined character.  We should teach our kids the Islamic way of greeting, expressing gratitude, speaking manners and dealing manners. We must be very concerned about

It is common courtesies and good manners towards others that set apart a refined character and an intolerable personality. By teaching our children how to greet, express gratitude, how to speak to adults and even to leave alone matters that do not concern them, we would have given them a key to the door of inter-personal relations.



We often get confused to demarcate between frienldiness with strangers and and caution. If we will teach our students not to speak with stranger they will never get confidence to become socialbe. We need to make them sociable when  needed. Abu Dharr Radhi-Allahu anhu reported that the Prophet Mohammed  Sallallahu alayhi wasallam said:


How Learn Quran Academy can help you children become better Muslims

Learn Quran Academy can help your children learn moral values from qualified staff. Our staff teaches Quran and as a part of general conduct, they help students with Quranic moral standards.

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Quranic teaching can naturally help your children learn the moral values as you have seen above. Since our academy ensures all the teachers adhere to the highest moral values themselves, it is only natural that such values will be passed on.


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