Six beliefs in Islam

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Belief is most important aspect of Islam. One who adheres to Islam must have these these six beliefs.

1) Belief in God


Monotheism is first and most important belief of all Muslims. Islam teaches to believe only in one God who neither was neither born nor gave birth to anyone. He is the only creator of all universe and everything that is in universe belongs to Him. He is care take of universe and no one shares his authority. Only He can give life, death, health, wealth etc. All worships in Islam are only for Allah.

2) Belief in the Angels

Muslims must believe in unseen creatures that are mentioned in Quran. Angels are specified for their duties and they perform only tasks they are given. Angels have no free will and they don’t do anything with their will. Contrary to Christian concept that angels are daughters of God, angels are only obeying servants of Allah.

3) Belief in Prophets

Muslims believe in all prophets of Allah and respect all of them. 25 Prophets are mentioned with name in Quran. Quran tells that Allah sent different messengers and prophets to every nation in different times. All messenger carried a central message of worshiping Allah alone. Muslims must believe in all prophets without any discrimination. Muslims also believe that Mohammed Peace be upon him is the final Prophet of Allah and He carried the final message to humanity.



4) Belief in the Sacred Texts

All those who believe in Islam must also believe all books sent to humanity through his noble prophets. These books include Torah, Psalms, Gospel, Quran and all other divine books and scriptures. Because these all books are from Allah they were sent to earth in different times through different prophets to guide humans. Muslims believe that all books are true but with the time the original message in them was distorted and changed. Quran is only book which is preserved in it real form. Allah took responsibility of saving words of Quran.


It is common observation that meanings of words changes with time. That is why dictionaries are updated after interval with contemporary meaning of word. Even bible gets new versions and testaments with amendments after few years. In case of Quran the words in Quran are having same meaning which was at the time when Quran was descended. So one can say that Quran is not only preserved in terms or words but meanings also So Quran is only divine book for guidance of humanity at this time. Variety of subjects such as social, personal, scientific, moral matters etc is discussed in Quran. So we should learn Quran and follow its teaching for guidance.

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5) Belief in Life after Death

All those who adheres to Islam believe that there is final day when Allah will end this universe and He will resurrect all human for judgment of their deeds. This day is called “Youm e Mehshar” which means Day of Judgment. With this belief a person can live a responsible life. When a person knows the he will be asked and pay about all his deed he will avoid bad deeds and try to live a positive life.

6) Belief in the Divine Decree

In islam it is asserted that Allah has authority on all things and He has knowledge about all things. Nothing can happen without His will and everything in past, present or future is in His knowledge. Destiny of every creature in already in His knowledge and He has wisdom in all things. This belief should not contradict with concept of man’s free will to do his actions. Man has choice to do good or bad and his choice is already know to Allah.

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May Allah give us strength to stand firmly on these beliefs.

Written by: Adil Khan
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