Significance of Astagfar

Allah is the most beneficial and merciful. Although one of his characteristics is Qahar (most angry) but in the Quran, Allah has reveled countless a lot of verses in which he shows that he is Raheem, Kareem, merciful, Forgiver, Ghafoor, Aziz and a lot. Allah loves his creation a lot, even Allah never put a burden to anyone more than his/her capacity. Allah loves Humans more than seventy time of a mother. Here you can assume the love of a mother. How deeply she loves to her kids, even she never sleeps when there is a problem with any of her children. So how it is possible that Allah can harm us when he has created us by himself. How is it possible that He will punish us.? How is it possible that he will send us to Hell (Jahanam)?

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So we have a way that Allah tells us to avoid the sins, to seek forgiveness , to go into Jannah(Jannat). And that way is Astagfar. In this regard, I will coat an incident:

“ Once the great scholar and the theologian (Iman Ahmad bin Hambal) he traveled from his town to another town. There he stayed in a mosque because he didn’t know anyone. When the prayer of Isaah was ended Imam tried to take a rest, but the caretaker of the mosque told him that no old man you are not allowed to stay in the mosque. So he took him out of the mosque. One baker in front of the mosque was looking all this he feel pity for that old man. He brought him in his home. So at night, Imam Ahmad stayed there. In the morning Amnad bin Hanbal asked the baker that I noticed you was doing Astagfar whole the night. So did you do all this time? Baker replied yes, I did.! Imam asked in reward of this Astagfar what you have got from Allah? Baker said that due to this Dua Allah accepted all my prayers and fulfill all of my wishes instead of this Dua.. Imam asks what was that day? Baker replied that I ask Allah that it’s my wish to meet Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal, he is a great scholar, I have heard about him a lot and I wish to meet him. Imam then smiled and replied your that Dua is also accepted I am Ahmad bin Hanbal.”

(Al Jumuah magazine, vol 19, issue 7)

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“Subhan Allah” So here you see that how blissful those people was… question is that why??? We also do worship like those people, we also do Astagfar, we also do fasting, but why our prayers are incomplete..???

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The answer is that we have lost that spirit, we lost the origin of Islam, we do all the good deeds just as a formality.. Today, if we follow the message of the Quran and Hadith with full attention to the core of our heart, then defiantly Allah will accept our prayers, our Dua’s, our good deeds.. And if we need help the definitely Angels will come to help us and Allah will bless us. Just need to focus on our origin and to bend in front of Allah with true Heart. May Allah show us the right path and give us strength to do Astagfar.(Ameen)

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