Importance of Ashura in Islam

Islam is a religion of Peace, Protection and Belief. Islam started its journey with obeying Allah. And Sacrifice is the most important fact of Islam. So in this regard, we have a lot of examples like Islam is saturated with the Islamic month of Muharam which is having a great sacrifice of the Family of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The 10th of Muharam is called “Asshura”. That is a very important day in the history of Islam. Even in Quran, Allah has discussed this month as well.

Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) had also observed the Fast at the day of Ashura as well. And after the Ramadan Fast of Ashura is the most significant. In the book of Hadith Muslim it is narrated that:

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Actually, this month give the message of sacrifice and prosperity, the great Martyard of Hazart Imam Hussain (R.A) tells him how to live and auspicious life in manners of Islam, they tell us how to obey Allah, even his head was on narrow but he still says LAILLAH, he tells us how to offer prayer properly. Even in the field of battle after getting 70 dead bodies of his loving companions and family members he never left the Prayer. He was circled by the enemies, but still he offer prayer, he bend in front of Allah and that was his last prayer……..

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So we should also get a lesson from that Martyard, from that sacrifice, from that Ibadat, from that respect, from that Prospeirty, we should get lesson from the family of prophet Mohammad(PBUH). Unfortunately, today we forgot our origin, we forgot how to live the life according to the norm and values of Islam, we read Quran, but just as a formality, we offer prayer just for our satisfaction that we are Muslims, we believe in prophet Mohammad (PBHU) but we are not following the message of him. And that is the main reason that Muslims are backward in the whole world. So we have to rise up again we have to show the world that yes, we have the spirit of a Muslim, we have the power to encounter anything which is against the values of Islam, we have to get a lesson from the sacrifice of this MUharam..

May Allah show us the right path and give us the strength to follow the message of Muharm and to respect the days of Muharam.(Ameen)

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