10 Ways of Developing Love for Allah

10 Ways of Developing Love for Allah

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According to Shaykh Ibn al-Qayyim (rah) there are ten ways of developing love with Allah.

  1. Learn Quran

    Reciting Quran, reflecting Quran and to learn Quran so that one can interpret the meaning of Quran. Quran is word of Allah. When you read Quran its like listening to Allah SWT. Interpreting Quran help us to get the true message of Quran and so the we can implement its teachings in our life. It will make us obedient follower and we will we benifited in this life and hereafter.

  2. Optional deeds

    After obliagatory worship and duties if we make some time for optional deeds this will draw us more closer to Allah. It includes nawafil’s, fasting, umrah, sadqah and others.

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  1. Dikhr

    It is one of 10 ways for developing love of Allah. It is remembering Allah with tounge, heart or limbs. Continious Dikhr help us to remind Allah all the time and this will ensures faith and iman.

  2. Following Allah’s Love

    In our daily lives we prefer our parents, siblings, friends and loved ones over ourselves. In the same way if we prefer Allah love over our loves, desires, and intentions. This will be best way to show your love for Allah. We must that what Allah loves for us is best for us.

  3. Remembering Allah

    Remembering Allah by Contemplating and deliberating over his Names and Attributes is one 10 practices mentioned by Shaykh Ibn al-Qayyim to develope love for Allah. It reminds us that Allah is very closer us and He is keenly observing our each and every act and movement. So, you’ll always be fear of Allah and you will not take any step which shows disobedience to your lord.

  4. Acknowledging Favors of Allah

    We are blessed with countless favours and bounties by Allah. So we must acknowledge and remember all blessings of Allah. If we always stay thankful to Allah for his countless blessings Allah will give us more blessings and reward us genreously.

  5. Stay Humble

    We human’s are very week and fragile creatures. Being proud and braggadacio does not suits us. We are nothing without Allah and we are totaly dependant on His mercy. Being humble and submissive to will of Allah will definetly make our realation strong with Allah.

  6. Reading Quran in Night:

    If we divide a night in 3 equall parts, the last third part is most suitable for Quran reading as Allah descends to lowest heaven in that part of night. Reading Quran at that time will make us loved and blessed by Allah and It is best time for prayers and seeking forgiveness and repenting on our sins.

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  1. Spending time with lovers of Allah 

    We can find people around us who are closer to Allah. We can learn a lot from them and if we regularly sit in their gathering we will get to know how to please Allah. We can take their advice and listen them carefully about different topics.

  2. Avoiding distractions

    This world is full of elements which can distract us from Allah. Like TV and Mobile phones. If minimize use of time consuming activities we can make more time to indulge in activites which are discussed above to develope love for Allah.

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